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Facts about Midland Carting


Will Midland Carting obtain permits for roll off container street access?

Midland Carting can service your garbage removal needs daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or on an on-call basis.  IT all depends on the service required by our customers.

How is pricing determined?

An estimate is provided based on your volume, type of garbage you are disposing, and our 35 years knowledge and experience with your particular type of business.  Then a survey of your waste is conducted to ensure, accurate, fair, and proper pricing was given based on the weight of your garbage.

Will the customer incur additional charges for extra/bulk garbage outside of normal garbage disposed of under the billable rate, or for extra pick ups?

How often can a commercial account receive rubbish removal


Yes, anything over the allowable weight of your garbage determined and agreed upon by your monthly pricing will be billed according to the weight of the extra garbage removed by Midland Carting.

Is Midland Licensed by the City of NY?

Where can commercial customers their commercial containers?

Does Midland Carting supply garbage pails?

How does a customer schedule an extra or bulk pick up?

Due to NYC Laws and regulations, customers must keep garbage off the sidewalk and curb during day time hours. Commercial customers are allowed to place their garbage on the curbside or sidewalk with 1 hour of their closing or opening of their store.  Any other time they are subject to NYC violations and ticket fees.

No, we offer loose curbside service or commercial containers for customers with larger rubbish removal needs.

The customer will simply contact the office to schedule the pick up.

Will Midland Carting supply and work with locks and chains to help prevent strangers from dumping unwanted garbage into a commercial accounts container?

Absolutely!  We will work with our customers to help ensure that strangers are not dumping unwanted garbage into a commercial container.




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